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iPhone Repair

At iProtect, we have worked with the iPhone since the release of the iPhone 3G. With each iteration of this highly popular handset, we have perfected new techniques in order to offer the highest quality in repair. Our team of Enable certified technicians can complete an iPhone screen repair within 1 hour. All of our repairs are completed using original components and are covered by a warranty.

iPad Repair

We offer iPad repairs on all models from the iPad 2 through to the iPad Pro 12.9” 5th Generation. These repairs include iPad screen repairs, LCD display replacements and battery repairs, among many others. If you’re experiencing an unexplained issue with your device, we recommend using our iPad diagnostic service.

iPod Repair

Our iPod repairs are only for the Touch range. We offer repairs for the iPod Touch ranging from a screen repair to a battery replacement. If you’re experiencing an unexplained issue with your iPod Touch, we recommend using our 24 hour diagnostic service, which is free of charge.

Macbook Repair

We complete the most common MacBook repairs, such as a screen replacements & battery replacements within 24 hours. We can also complete a full diagnostic to your MacBook if you have a further fault. If you have experienced liquid damage to your MacBook we would advise using our MacBook diagnostic service.

Watch Repair

We offer repairs for the Apple Watch Series 1 to the new SE. Our Watch repairs are completed within 24 hours and are covered by a 1 year warranty. When completing our Watch repairs we keep the original liquid resistant seal and cover liquid damage for Watch repairs in our warranty.

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