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We are experts in repairing iPhones to microchip level and have experience in repairing the most advanced faults. With our iPhone 11 Pro Max screen repairs we use an original OLED ensuring your repair is as close to the original as possible. We are able to complete component level repairs such as battery replacements, camera repairs and rear camera lens replacements. Our average repair time is only 2 hours for a component level repair.

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How long does an iPhone repair take?

The average repair time for an iPhone screen repair is 2 hours, this includes glass only repairs. Should your iPhone have a logic board based issue and require a diagnostic, this takes 24 hours on average to complete. The additional repair time will be advised once we have diagnosed the problem.

Do you offer a budget iPhone screen option?

No, offering a budget screen would be against our company values. We operate iProtect to bring more sustainable repairs to consumers using original parts. We believe our glass only repairs are priced fairly against the budget options and believe it is a superior product as we retain the original OLED display.

Will my Face ID work after the repair?

Yes, we ensure Face ID is working before and after our repair. Face ID can easily get damaged through a screen repair, we take every precaution to ensure it does not. In the unlikely event that we do damage Face ID through a repair, we would ensure it is repaired under our repair warranty.

I’ve broken the back of my iPhone, can you repair just the glass?

We don’t offer just the glass repair on an iPhone. This is because the rear glass contains an Apple logo, thus the glass which is used in the industry is either counterfeit or does not contain an Apple logo. Glass which contains an Apple logo is an infringement of Apple’s copyright. We offer a full housing repair which is the frame of the iPhone and the rear glass. It is a disassembled part from a new or used iPhone, this way we confirm it is an original part and not an infringement of Apple’s copyright. If you were to have a back glass fitted without an Apple logo it would immediately devalue your iPhone when you come to sell it or trade it in. We would absolutely advise against having a no logo glass fitted. It’s one of our red flags when it comes to choosing a repair company for your iPhone.

Will my replacement screen have the Apple display repair notification?

No, through our repair we will be retaining the original Apple micro-chips which control your screen. The display notification exists after repair because the iPhone is unable to detect the screen’s microchips. The microchip which translates your analog touch into a digital signal, is the one which communicates with your iPhone’s logic board. When we complete a glass repair we keep your original OLED screen which has attached all the original Apple micro-components. If we have to replace your OLED display, it is replaced for an original screen taken from a disassembled device and we transfer over your micro-components through our repair. If you have had your iPhone screen replaced previously with another repair company then your iPhone will display this notification after repair as we are unable to transfer over your original microchips. This notification does not affect the functionality of your iPhone or iPhone screen.

Do you need my passcode for a repair?

Yes, we ask for your passcode so we can fully test your device before and after the repair. As part of our process we will test all functions of your device using industry leading software.

What happens if you break my screen through a repair?

If we were completing a glass repair to your iPhone screen and were to break it though our remanufacturing process, we would replace your screen with another original and transfer over the serialised microchips from your current screen.

My rear camera lens is cracked, do I need a camera repair too?

Provided the lens is only cracked and not completely shattered it is likely that you would just need a lens replacement. When there is a hole in the lens, dust particles and other debris can damage the sensor underneath and it is in these cases that you would need a rear camera replacement. You can check if your sensor is damaged by aiming your camera at a white, bright surface, if there are grey dots or marks on what should be a white image, then your sensor is likely damaged. If you are unsure, our customer advisor teams will be able to tell you when we receive the device.

What is the difference between an original and aftermarket screen?

The short answer: Quality. We always believe it’s best to stick to an original screen. We would advise to stay away from an LCD screen (they’re the worst quality in the market) if you have an iPhone newer than an iPhone X (excluding the iPhone Xr & 11 which were developed to have an LCD screen). Learn more about the differences here.

Do I need to back-up my data before my repair?

Whilst we don’t experience data loss through our repairs, we would recommend completing an iCloud back-up prior to your repair as good practice.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, for our Walk-in Service you will require an appointment. All three of our services can be booked online. Please select your repair(s) on this page and service on the next page.

How long does it take to diagnose an unknown fault?

Our full diagnostic procedure take on average 24 hours to complete for an unknown fault.

Are your repairs covered by a warranty?

Yes, we provide a 1-year warranty for all of our repairs which includes faults with your screen but excludes accidental damage.

Will I be charged if you are unable to complete a repair?

At iProtect, we work on a no-fix-no-fee policy. If our technicians are unable to complete your repair, you will not be charged for parts or labour.

Do your prices include parts & labour?

Yes, all of our prices include parts, labour & VAT.

Can you repair a damaged logic board?

Yes, we would complete a full diagnostic prior to quoting for our repair. If your logic board has been repaired before visiting us, we would ask you to provide as much detail about the previous repair(s) as possible.

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