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We are experts in repairing Apple Watch’s and retain the liquid resistant seal when completing a repair. This means you can continue to use your Apple Watch as you currently do without fear of breaking through liquid ingress. If you have only damaged the glass layer of your Apple Watch we are able to replace just the glass. We are also able to complete component level repairs to your Apple Watch Series 6 such as battery replacements, crown repairs and side button repairs. Our average repair time is only 24 hours.

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How long does an Apple Watch screen repair take?

The iProtect team is known for its quick turnaround time, with an Apple Watch screen repair typically taking 24 hours on average. The longest part of our process happens when we set the liquid resistant adhesive which can take 16 total hours to complete!

What happens if you damage my screen while repairing only the glass?

If your Apple Watch only required the glass to be replaced and we damaged the display through our part refurbishment process, we would replace the entire Watch screen. Your Apple watch screen is our liability once it has arrived at iProtect and we have started our processes.

What is the difference between an Apple Watch glass only repair and display repair?

The glass of Apple Watch is the glass cover of the display (which is OLED technology). The glass also contains the touch layer of the screen. If your Apple Watch screen display still functions perfectly we are able to repair just the glass and touch screen of your Apple Watch. We retain your original display during this process. We perfected our part refurbishment process for Apple watch screens making it more economical for you to repair. If you have damaged the display of your watch you will require an entire Apple Watch screen replacement.

What warranty do you provide on your Apple Watch repairs?

We provide a 1 year warranty on all our Apple Watch repairs. Our repairs cover any faults associated with the repair you have completed but does not cover accidental damage.

Will my Apple Watch be waterproof after repair?

Yes, our liquid resistant seal is equivalent to the one that Apple originally had on their watches. We have tested our product to ensure your watch will stay water-resistant after repairs. Most of the repair industry use an adhesive called B7000 which is the equivalent of using PVA glue, this is the reason why most are unable to keep the liquid resistance after repair.

My glass is broken and my touch isn't working. Which repair do I need?

The glass and touch layer of your screen are both moulded as one piece. If you have damaged the glass layer of your screen and your touch is no longer working then you only require the glass to be repaired on your Apple Watch. If your watch display no longer functions or if you have lines through the display you will require a display replacement.

Why are your Watch repair costs cheaper than Apple?

At iProtect, we have perfected our individual part refurbishment process. This means we can replace the specific broken part within the module you have broken. If you have broken just the glass of your Apple Watch, we only need to replace the glass. Apple would replace your entire Apple Watch than repair the individual screen.

Will Apple pay still work after repair?

Yes. The Apple Pay module inside your Apple Watch is the NFC (Near Field Communication module). When we complete a glass screen repair we retain the original NFC and when completing a full display replacement we transfer over the original NFC to your new screen.

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