MacBook Air 13″ A1466 (2012-2017)

We are experts in repairing MacBooks to microchip level and have experience in repairing the most advanced faults. With our MacBook Air 13″ screen repairs we use an original LCD ensuring your repair is as close to the original as possible. We ensure that the LCD we use carries the same pixel density as your original screen. We are able to complete component level repairs to your MacBook such as charging port repairs and battery replacements. Our average repair time is only 24 hours for a component level repair.

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How long does a MacBook repair take?

An MacBook repair typically takes 24 hours to complete on average. There are some circumstances where we are able to complete a screen repair on a same-day basis if booked in advance. If your MacBook requires a diagnostic, this can take 24-48 hours to complete. You can read more about our MacBook Repair turnarounds here.

Can you repair liquid damaged MacBooks?

Yes, we can absolutely repair MacBooks which have been damaged through contact with liquid. We would first advise you to book your MacBook with us for a diagnostic. Through the diagnostic we can inspect the internals of the MacBook and quote you for your repair. We complete full liquid damage treatments to the internals of a MacBook damaged by liquid, as liquid damage can be progressive. A MacBook damaged by liquid today might work fine after day of drying but stop working 6 months later. MacBook diagnostics take 24-48 hours to complete.

How much does a MacBook Screen Repair cost?

A MacBook screen repair costs Rs. 35120 on average, depending on your model, and take 24 hours on average to complete. The most common repair we complete is on the MacBook Pro 13” A1706, the screen repair on this model costs Rs. 34248. The most expensive screen repair is on the MacBook Pro 16” A2141 which is charged at Rs. 67612. The price is higher on this model due to parts scarcity.

Do you keep MacBook parts in stock?

Yes, we always keep MacBook parts in stock. When you place an order our internal system will check that we have the correct part in stock for your MacBook. In the rare occasions that we have used the last stock item, our team will contact you immediately to confirm. We find it strange that so many companies in the industry don’t keep MacBook parts in stock, it seems to be the norm among MacBook repair companies. This is something we are here to change.

How long does a MacBook diagnostic take?

If you require us to complete a diagnostic on your MacBook, we expect the diagnostic to be completed within 24-48 hours. On some occasions we require more time to diagnose the MacBook fault, if the device has suffered extensive damage or has had previous repair attempts by other technicians. If we require more time during the diagnostic, our team will always advise via email.

How long is your repair warranty on a MacBook repair?

Our MacBook repairs are covered by a 1 year warranty for faults. The faults we cover under warranty are those which are related to the part we originally have repaired. We unfortunately cannot cover accidental damage in our warranty.

My MacBook screen isn’t broken but shows lines can this be repaired?

Yes, this is becoming more of a common problem on the newer MacBooks. The connection between the MacBook screen and the logic board weakens which stops the screen from displaying the correct image. We have found repairing this connection through the use of microelectronics is a better repair than just simply replacing the screen unit, which most repair companies offer. It’s also a more affordable repair for our clients.

Can you replace a single MacBook keyboard key without replacing the whole keyboard?

Yes, we can replace single keys on a MacBook keyboard without completely replacing the entire keyboard. We charge Rs. 2633 per MacBook key replacement and always have replacement keys in stock.

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