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We are experts in repairing iPads to microchip level and have experience in repairing the most advanced faults. With our iPad 6th Gen screen repairs we use an original LCD ensuring your repair is as close to the original as possible. We are able to complete component level repairs such as charging port repairs and battery replacements. Our average repair time is only 24 hours for a component level repair.

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How long does an iPad repair take?

An iPad screen repair typically takes 24 hours to complete on average. We have two teams who work on our iPad repairs. One complete disassembly and reassembly and the other complete the actual repair to the screen. All internal repairs are completed within 24 hours.

What warranty do you provide on your iPad repairs?

We provide a 1 year warranty on all our iPad repairs. Our repairs cover any faults associated with the repair you have completed but does not cover accidental damage.

How much would this repair cost at the Apple Store?

The Apple Store doesn’t actually offer repairs for the iPad. They offer a replacement service where they take your iPad and replace it for a reconditioned device. We believe it’s better to repair your iPad rather than replacing the entire iPad, it’s just more sustainable that way. The cost for Apple’s service can be high, even for older models, with prices ranging from Rs. 43430+. You can confirm the Apple cost estimate for your iPad here: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/ipad/repair

Does your repair void my Apple warranty?

As soon as you break the screen of your iPad you are technically out of warranty with Apple as they will not complete repairs under your warranty. Having your repair completed at iCorrect will have your iPad looking brand new again but it does not reinstate your warranty with Apple. Our repair warranty is for 12 months whereas your repair at the Apple store would only be covered by a 90 day warranty after their device replacement.

Why are your iPad repair costs cheaper than Apple?

At iProtect, we have perfected our individual part remanufacturing and repair processes. This means we can replace the specific broken part within the module you have broken. If you have broken just the glass of your iPad, we only need to replace the glass. Apple would replace your entire iPad and then go through their own refurbishment process of the unit thereafter. The only problem with their current process is that they charge you the client for this process (it’s expensive).

How do you open my iPad when there are no screws?

We have a variety of specialist tools we use to open your device. Without visible screws, the screen is fixed with a layer of strong adhesive around the edge of the housing. We use our tools to soften this adhesive strip to gain access to the inside of the iPad. All remnants of the adhesive are cleaned from the housing during the repair and once the repair has been completed, we reseal the screen with an equivalent strength adhesive. The Apple Store have advised clients that a repair to the iPad is not possible as it has no screws, but from our evidence of repair this simply isn’t true.

What happens if you damage my screen while repairing?

If your iPad only required the glass to be replaced and we damaged the display through our part remanufacturing process, we would replace the entire iPad screen. Your iPad screen is our liability once it has arrived at iProtect and we have started our processes.

Will my Touch ID/Face ID still work after the repair?

Yes! Provided the Face/Touch ID function is working prior to repair, it will also work post repair. If your iPad has damaged to the display, then we would confirm that the functionality of this biometric is functioning correctly before we start your repair. If we were unable to confirm perfect functionality we would contact you before repair.

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